The newest youth basketball league in the Austin area is Redefining the STANDARD OF ATHLETICS! S.O.A.
is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that believes in offering organized athletics in a quality,comprehensive, competitive,
and family friendly environment. Redefining the STANDARD OF ATHLETICS is the league for you! Below are our league rules.

How can I register?

You may register online or you may mail your completed registration form along with your check made payable to S.O.A. to:
13010 Research Blvd., Ste. #224
Austin, TX 78750
Phone: (210) 779-5506

Has the parents’ meeting been scheduled for the upcoming season?

S.O.A. schedules Parents’ Meetings approximately 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the season and is posted under the League Info tab.

Where will teams practice?

S.O.A. has secured several practice gyms within Round Rock and Pflugerville ISD schools. Practice locations are given out to the coaches once there are at least five (5) players registered on the team. Coaches request a practice location and are guaranteed one hour of practice time per week. Every school in both school districts are posted on our ‘Locations’ tab as they may potentially be a practice or game location.

How much practice time is each team allotted?

Teams will be scheduled for 1 hour of practice time each week. In the event of district/school events or school-observed holidays, we will re-accommodate teams as space allows. This may result in shared gym time on those days/weeks.

How many games will each team play in a season?

There will be 7 regular season games followed by a single-elimination tournament for all teams. Each team will therefore play a minimum of 8 games per season.

When and where will games be played?

Games will be played on Saturday and/or Sunday at Pflugerville ISD and Round Rock ISD schools. Gym locations are subject to change per school district modification. The tournament will be a two day tournament. Teams may play both days and/or multiple games on one day.
Is the schedule subject to change?

S.O.A. will make every effort to avoid schedule changes once the season has started. It is possible however that games could be rescheduled due to UIL events, severe weather, or other events that limit access to facilities, or as directed by the school districts.

What age divisions do you offer?

S.O.A. basketball season is open to all players in the following age divisions: 6 & Under, 8 & Under, 10 & Under, 12 & Under and 14 & Under.

What age division is my child eligible for?

Divisions are determined by player’s age as of September 1st. Players may “play up” a division, but may not play down.

Do you verify ages for all players?

All new registrants must provide a copy of the player’s birth certificate for verification of eligibility. Coaches or the player’s parent must have a hard copy of the player’s birth certificate at every game. A challenge option is available to every coach at each game.

Can I request a coach or friend for my child’s team?

Requests may be made on the registration form via internet or manual hard copy. Every attempt is made to accommodate requests.

How many players are on a team?

Teams will have a minimum of 7 players on their roster. The maximum number of players per team is 10 in all age divisions. Coaches may request an extended roster if they are registering a full team.

Do you provide trophies for players?

S.O.A. will provide medals to the top 2 teams in each division at the end of the season tournament.

Are coaches trained and/or certified?

S.O.A. coaches attend a coaches’ meeting and are required to have a signed Coach’s Code of Conduct on file with S.O.A.

Do you provide additional training, clinics or camps?

S.O.A. collaborates with current and former professional athletes, semi-professional athletes, and certified trainers, and will conduct skills training sessions, clinics, and camps. Please see the Events section of the website for more information regarding these camps and clinics.

How do I get involved in S.O.A.?

We welcome all volunteers interested in helping at S.O.A. We also encourage community service from our students. Please contact Kelly Neaville at for additional information.

What volunteer opportunities do you have?

We are always looking for volunteers for a variety of positions. Some of the areas include gym set up and clean up, fundraising, coaches, team moms, concessions stand, score/time keepers. etc. If you would like to help in one of these capacities or in some other way, please contact Kelly Neaville at .


Who can volunteer?

Anyone ages 14 and older can volunteer with S.O.A. Parent/Guardian approval and release of liability waiver is required for students who wish to volunteer during S.O.A. events, clinics, camps, etc. Students will receive written verification of volunteer hours for credit.

Does S.O.A. require fundraising?

Fundraising is not a requirement for joining S.O.A.; however the funds generated aid in supplementing the registration fees paid by each player. S.O.A. depends on fundraising dollars to continue offering quality programs to school-age children in the Austin area at an affordable cost.

What is the fundraising money used for?

The funds generated from our fundraisers will be applied to, but not limited to, the following: facility rental, professional fees for referee and skills development, equipment, and other operating costs, as well as philanthropic causes.

What kind of fundraisers will you have?

Fundraisers will vary each season. Examples of possible fundraisers include: participating in professional sporting events, raffle tickets, discount cards, banquet tickets, auction items, etc. If you have an idea for a fundraiser, please contact Kelly Neaville at


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